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Passport Applications

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This office is the acceptance agent for the United States State Department Passport Service for Thomas County. We will assist any citizen with a passport application and will try to resolve any problems with the applicant and the Passport Service. However we cannot be held responsible for any delays or problems with your application.


$110.00 for age 16 yrs. and older for a ten year passport & $25.00 Acceptance Fee.
$80.00 for under 16 yrs of age for a five year passport & $25.00 Acceptance Fee.
$60.00 in addition for each expedited passport.

The Clerk's Office asks that you be prepared to pay with;  One check of $110 to the US Department of State and one $25 check to the Clerk of Superior Court, which is a total of $135 for an ADULT passport for regular service.

As of 7-13-2010 the passport agency has stated for regular service you will receive your passport within 4 to 6 weeks.  You may pay an extra fee of $60 per passport for expedited services which you will receive within 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

Certified copy of your birth certificate with seal from your State or Counties' birth registrar. Sorry but hospital birth or small card six birth certificates will not be accepted, it has to be from the official birth registrar. In Thomas County that would be the Thomas Co. Health Dept.

One passport photos- At present, these businesses are known to make passport photos - Walgreens, Walmart, CVS Drug Store, Dyess-Tidwell Studio, or UPS Store.

A completed application. Wait to sign in front of the agent. Bring photo ID such as drivers license. If the child  is under the age of 16, both parents must be present along with the child to sign the application.

If you are a naturalized citizen, bring your original naturalization papers.

If you have an expired passport, bring that with you also. It can be used in lieu of a certified birth certificate. If you have lost it, you may be required to fill out a short statement concerning the lost passport.

If your passport is expired and you still have it and it is less than fifteen years old, you can renew by mail without going thru us and you save $25. We have those applications available in the office and will be happy to
give you one.

U.S. Department of State Passport Services & Information
Application for Passport

U.S. Passport Form DS-0011-First Time

U.S. Passport Form DS-0082-Renewal 

U.S. Passport Form DS-3053 Parental Consent for Child under 14

Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances for Minor Under 16

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